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DIM The Desert

Wirikuta, the Sacred Land Where it all Started for the Wirarika or Huichol Indians.

 In this immersive journey, we will delve into the enchanting desert environment while uncovering the profound challenges faced by these indigenous communities in their unwavering quest to protect their sacred homeland. Along the way, we will savor the rich offerings of local chefs and their artisanal products, forging a deeper connection to the land and its people.


Wirikuta is a natural protected area, spawning over 540 square miles in the municipalities of Catorce, Charcas and Matehuala in the northern state of San Luis Potosi. Since 1998, it is included in UNESCO’s Natural Sacred Sites network. Every year, the Huichol embark on an ancient migration journey from their homes in Western Mexico all the way to this place. Guided by a mar’akame (priest), the peyoteros go out in search of hikuri or peyote, the sacred plant that is used in their ceremonies, whose effects inspire their mysterious art.

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