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Deep Inside the Desert an immersive trip to a remote and legendary region.  Real de Catorce, a ghost mining town where the Spanish empire produced the silver REAL, the official coin that traveled from Europe to the Philippines.

Deep Inside the Desert

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5 de Mayo

About Real de Catorce & surroundings

WIRIKUTA, the sacred land where it all started for the Wirarika or Huichol Indians. We will learn all about the desertic environment and the challenges they are facing to protect it. We will enjoy and learn from local chefs and products. Ride early in the morning to the sacred mountan El Quemado. Days of quiet contemplation of this powerful magical land.



Check in the emblematic Mesón de la Abundancia, a welcome dinner at the Centro Cultural Real de Catorce and early rest. Early in the morning after a light breakfast we jump on the famous 4X4 Willis down to Wirikuta desert, the sacred land of the Wirarika culture aka Huichol Indians, the guardians of Hikuri or Peyote, to visit El Venado Azul, an organization led by a Marakame or Holy Man that has set to preserve the endangered magical cactus. In other words, we are going straight to the source with the man to learn about this sacred plant and spend a day and a night in the desert.