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About DIM

Providing cultural journeys with immersive experiences in some

of Mexico´s most colorful destinations

Welcome to our immersive travel agency, where we proudly unite a diverse network of cultural and environmental organizations, innovative startups, indigenous communities, dedicated producers, and visionary creators. Together, we are a collective of "civisionaries" committed to shaping a fresh paradigm rooted in circular economy principles and spiritual transformation.

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Our Story

DIM serves as the conduit for like-minded individuals seeking to meet, explore, learn, connect, support, collaborate, and discover investment opportunities.

We specialize in crafting immersive journeys for seasoned travelers eager to delve deep into the places we explore.

Our immersive trips offer intimate encounters with transformative projects and the rich tapestry of traditional and contemporary local cultures. These communities are dedicated to rejuvenating and progressing towards a brighter future.


At the helm of DIM is our founder, Javier Solórzano, a passionate Mexican communicator, filmmaker, writer, and seasoned traveler. He is also recognized for introducing the wonders of Mezcal Culture in Europe and his mezcaleria in Ibiza. Javier's profound love for Mexico drives his desire to share its incredible culture with those eager to immerse themselves in authentic experiences and connect with the individuals shaping a better future for Mexico.

Join us on this extraordinary journey to the heart of Mexico's transformation.

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