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Deep Inside Mexico

We are a network of cultural and environmental organizations, startups, indigenous communities, producers, creators, “civilisionaries” compromised in constructing a new paradigm based on circular economy and spiritual transformation.

DIM is a medium to meet, discover, learn, connect, support, collaborate and find opportunities of investment through the design of immersive trips for expert travelers that want to learn all about the places we will visit. 

A close encounter with these projects, authentic traditional and contemporary local cultures that are trying to regenerate and evolve into a better world.

Your participation will support many non profit organizations, like Fundación Real de Catorce, Huerto Roma Verde, México Azul, and positively affect their projects and communities.

D.I.M founder, Javier Solórzano, is a Mexican communicator, filmmaker, writer, deep traveler and introducer of mezcal in Europe, that loves the profound Mexico and wants to share this amazing culture with everyone that wants to dive straight to the source and get in contact with the people that are changing Mexico for the best.

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