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Deep Inside Oaxaca

OAXACA is the rising star of México. A state full of mountains, culture and traditions. Its variety of food and artistic crafts can be compared to any European country. Thanks to its people they have finally gained respect and their thrive for freedom can be seen in every corner, street and literally, every wall, since urban art decorates the city. A paradise for art lovers and shoppers, you can find every craft in its ateliers, textiles, ceramics, graphic and plastic arts and specially, its gastronomic hideouts where you can enjoy traditional and fusion delicacies ranging from sophisticated dishes like mole to insects and of course, the biggest variety of agave spirits now known everywhere as mezcal.


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5 de Mayo

About Oaxaca & surroundings

Learn all about the mezcal culture on a tourist free authentic mezcal factory of Yuu Baal. Enjoy the amazing gastronomy and learn to cook with one of Oaxaca's top chefs, Oscar Carrizosa. Walk the city and visit art workshops, boutiques and galleries and meet the creators. Let yourself be overloaded with tradition and contemporary art in all its possible expresions!