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Deep Inside Mexico City

One day experiences in the best spots of Mexico City. Living a prehispanic and gastronomic experience in Xochimilco. A day of therapy and wellness, living a temazcal experience and learning about this emblematic biosocial project Huerto Roma Verde. If you are a mezcal enthusiast, Cultura Mezcal can give you a tasting & learning experience class.


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5 de Mayo

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Huerto Roma Verde experience

Experience a whole day of activities in one of the most emblematic biosocial projects in Mexico City. HUERTO ROMA VERDE is a community project in the heart of Colonia Roma where permaculture, wellness, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, mexican prehispanic gastronomy with organic and native seasonal products, herbal medicinal escentials and beverage courses, authentic Temazcal and many more activities meet in the same place.